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Sparkling Impressions provided professional window cleaning and pressure washing services. Learn more about us and how Sparkling Impressions is the right choice for you!
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Our Story

“Time to wake up and do your chores”! Those were the words Jeff and Travis often heard on Saturday mornings growing up in a small one and a half story house in the village of Reinland, just a 12 minute drive south of Winkler. Even though that was one of the worst ways their parents could have woken them up with, it taught them at a young age what responsibility, hard work and integrity meant.


As they grew older, the dream to own a business together grew stronger and stronger. Although they both had no idea where to start, they knew that if they invested the lessons they learned growing up, anything was possible! The same way that southern Manitoba was built: hard work, determination and integrity.


Now the dream has become a reality, but not without its challenges! With both Jeff and Travis each having young families; Jeff living in Moosomin, SK, and Travis in Altona, MB; it can create some obstacles. This only provides the opportunity to creatively overcome these obstacles. As someone who probably knew plautdietsch once said, “Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.”


The goal: When you hire us for your window cleaning, we make you the hero! When your kid asks you to play catch in the backyard, you won’t have to tell him, “Sorry Johnny, papa mot da fansta rrrrhein mackin”( “Sorry Johnny, daddy has to clean the windows” for those of you who don’t know Low German). And, your spouse won’t have to keep asking you to clean the windows, so that’s one less pane in your glass!


Travis and Jeff are looking forward to serving the Pembina Valley and making Sparkling Impressions with everyone they encounter.