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Residential Window Cleaning

  • Exterior Window cleaning
  • Starting as low as $99
  • Exterior and Interior Window cleaning
  • Starting as low as $149
  • Exterior and Interior Window cleaning
  • Includes screens, tracks, sills, and mirrors
  • Starting as low as $199

Commercial Window Cleaning

  • Interior and exterior
  • Call or email for quote

Commercial and Residential Pressure Washing

  • House Exteriors
  • Decks and Fences
  • Call or email for a free estimate
Hot Pressure Washing
  • Concrete pads, garage floors, car lots, RV’s, etc.
  • Call or Email for a free estimate
How We Clean

Gone are the days of climbing up ladders or climbing in a tractor loader bucket to clean those windows that weren’t accessible from the ground. Now we can clean up to four stories high while our feet are on the ground! All while using pure water and a telescopic pole. So how does this all actually work?


The water that we all use every day is full of minerals and sediments and it’s these impurities that cause streaks or spots when left to dry on a surface. We run this water through a series of resins and filters to eliminate these impurities which leaves us with our pure water.


Obviously this water still has to be applied to the windows, so how is this done you may ask? We use telescopic poles that can reach up to 50 feet high that are equipped with cleaning brushes that we use to scrub the windows. The pure water is pumped up these poles to the brush head which allows us to scrub and rinse away any dirt. Because of the fact that we use only pure water and no harsh chemicals, we are able to let the windows dry naturally with a Sparkling finish!


The benefits are incredible! It totally eliminates the need for ladders which can drastically reduce the risk of injury or damage to property. Our pure water system is completely harmless to your property, your plants and the environment because we don’t use any harsh chemicals! The water fed pole system not only allows us to clean your windows, but we can also clean the frames around your windows! Although these are all great benefits to using the water fed pole system, the biggest benefit is that you don’t have to clean your windows yourself! So call or email us for a free estimate today!

Fully licensed and insured!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!